Our Family

Two generations of family make up The Rose Garden.

Vic Tusa, Sr.

Our owner and executive chef, Vic Sr., began cooking as a young boy with his dad and uncle at the family's French Quarter restaurant. He owned several restaurants in downtown New Orleans from the time he was 25 until purchasing The Rose Garden in 2013. Cooking and making people happy are his passions.

Fran Tusa

Our owner and event coordinator. Fran has been married to Vic for over 40 years. Working hand in hand with Vic at the family's restaurant since she was 18 years old. Making our bridal couples' feel comfortable and special on their journey and wedding day is her specialty!

Vic Tusa, Jr.

Vic Jr., the son of Vic and Fran, is our event manager/sous chef/pasta station chef. He enjoys paying special attention to detail to make the wedding buffets not only delicious but beautiful. Vic Jr. owns our in-house photo booth and has been on the family team for over 18 years.

Amie tusa Leonhardt

Amie, Vic and Fran's daughter, serves as our business manager and event coordinator. Amie will work to ensure your day is as memorable as possible. She is terrific at keeping the couples on schedule throughout the planning process, as well as fine tuning all of the details. She's been on our family team for over 21 years.

Nicole tusa Roberts

Our oldest daughter, Nicole, is the lead bridal attendant and our sales manager. She's been on the family team for over 20 years and takes great joy in exceeding the wedding couple's expectations, making their wedding day the way they always dreamed it would be!

Dyson Roberts

Dyson, our son-in-law, serves as an event manager, sous chef, and carving chef. Dyson has spent over 18 years on the family team. His hard work and dedication are paramount in getting the behind the scenes details ready for every event!